Our bodies are full of thousands of tiny energy channels. These are interconnected forming and are powered by Chakras.

A Chakra is a swirling energy centre. We absorb energy from all around us and is transmuted into energy at a particular frequency based on which chakra it is flowing through. Everything in this world, even material things, are made up at a very basic level of energy molecules. The frequency at which they vibrate is what defines what form something takes. Science has also now established that what is all around us is in fact a form of energy.

So can we use that energy for our own benefit? Yes we can!

The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel of light’ and chakras are often described as wheel like or vortices (funnel or tornado shaped and swirling in motion)

We as humans have 7 major and many minor chakras or energy centers which act as conductors for the energy around us. This energy has been known by many names around the world including Prana, Chi, Ki, Zero Point Energy, Life Force, Spirit, Aether, and Source Field to name a few. Call it what you will but don’t ignore it’s existence. When our energy is in balance and flowing, we are healthy & emotionally stable. When we are out of balance we can become ill & struggle to deal with our emotions.

Some traditional writings say that there are 88,000 chakras in the human body, but in modern day there are between 21 and 40 minor chakras which are important. They can be found in the spleen, back of your neck, palms, soles of feet etc.

One minor chakra that ought in my view to be a major chakra is the Alta Major, which is located in the pinaeal gland, and is a part of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which forms a triangle with the third eye chakra and throat chakra or the third eye and crown chakra and is believed to be heavily connected with our psychic ability and extra senses. The pineal gland has rods & cones in it the same as we have in our eyes. Hence our ‘third eye’ allowing us to see mental images and psychic images. Something relatively recently discovered in our scientific history but described accurately as far bag as ancient Egypt!

When our chakras are in balance and harmony, flowing freely we are likely to be physically well and feeling connected with ourselves and others. When we are out of tune many problems arise. The chakras can be affected by sound, light, colours, crystals, smell, essential oils, reiki / energy healing. The chakras are linked to the layers of the aura, which are subtle energy fields around the body that dependent on your vitality can extend anywhere from 8in to around 15ft from the body. A protective field, keeping your life force in and negative energies out.

As well as the chakras there are also described in Tantric Yoga a network of subtle channels known as Nadis, of which there are 14 principal ones. Of these there are 3 that are considered most important.

Ida – left channel which is associated with white, feminine, cold, and represents the moon, blood and life, associated with the river Ganga(Ganges). It originates in the Root Chakra / Muladhara and ends at the pituitary gland.

Pingala – right channel which is associated with red, masculine, hot, and represents the sun, fire, venom and death, associated with the river Yamuna. It originates in Root Chakra / Muladhara and ends in the pineal gland.

Sushumna – is the central channel, it is the neutral, zero, null line, associated with the river Saraswati. Runs up the body from just below the Root Chakra / Muladhara to the Crown Chakra / Sahasrara.

The Root Chakra is the meeting place of 3 main nadis. This is known as Yukta Triveni (Yukta: combined, Tri : three, Veni : Streams).

At the Root Chakra the life force (Kundalini / Shakti) is static and unmanifested, symbolised by a serpent coiled into 3.5 circles around the central axis (Svayambhu-Linga) at the base of the spine. The serpent lies blocking the entrance to Sushumna with his mouth. In Kundalini Yoga we use our breath, to awaken or activate our life force so it rises up Sushumna, energising the 7 chakras and leading to enlightenment. The three nadis meet at Brow Chakra / Ajna and this point is called Mukta (Liberated). Once the Kundalini reaches the Crown Chakra / Sahasrara it reverses its course and returns to rest at the base of the spine.

The next post will focus on the Root Chakra…

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