ROOT / Muladhara

Found at base of spine in line with the coccyx and more specifically at the site of the perineum. It is our grounding to the Earth and allows us to pull energy from earth. At the other end we pull in celestial energy or that energy around us at our Crown Chakra.

It is related to our basic needs for safety and belonging. It is the seat of our core beliefs and desires, particularly the desire to be in alignment with our tribe even if it isn’t a healthy place for us to be. It is our primal urge to survive. This is where our fight or flight instincts are housed. It also contains our ancestral genetic heritage.

The Root Chakra is also linked to our physical body and material possessions on this physical plane. It anchors our spirit in our worldly existence.


Positive: The Mother, nurturing, self sufficient, responsible.

Negative: The Victim, lacking energy, empowerment and life force.


Secure, trusting, a good relationship with money, stable home life and job, prosperous, able to remain grounded easily and present in the here & now. Feel content in your place on earth and in your own skin.

The root chakra anchors itself to the earth when we are resourceful, open to new ideas, and hopeful about our lives.

Out of Balance

Fearful, with a lack of security, scatty, not tethered, often distracted and day dreaming, poor relationship with money, do not understand your place on earth.

It can lead to anger, violence and jealousy or an attitude of separation & exclusivity,

Overactivity Symptoms

Feel sluggish, fatigue, obesity, hoarding, greed, fear of change, egotistic, domineering, greedy, sexual energy is entirely genital, judgmental and biased.

Blockage Symptoms

Feeling fearful, anxious, restless, lack of discipline, underweight, financial difficulty, chronic disorganisation, lack of confidence, weakness, suicidal thoughts, feeling unlovable, low libido, trying to compensate for these things by acquiring, keeping and controlling material things, self pity, procrastination, core sense of unworthiness, self doubt and shame.

‘I don’t deserve love’, ‘I am ashamed of who I am’, ‘I am misunderstood’.

Physical Symptoms

Frequent illness, autoimmune conditions, disorders of the bowel, large intestine, teeth or bones including osteoperosis, kidney stones, problems with legs and feet, hips, base of spine (chronic lower back pain, sciatica), eating disorders, depression, skin problems, lack of energy, chronic fatigue, anaemia, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, gynaecological problems, herpes, candida, constipation, physical problems with the coccyx, anus and genitals.


Drugs, food, gambling, shopping, work.

Possible Causes of imbalance

Birth trauma, abandonment, physical neglect, poor physical bonding with mother, malnourishment, feed difficulty, major illness or surgery, physical abuse, inherited traumas.

Physical Correspondences

 Hormonal Glands – Sexual and Adrenal.

 Organs – Kidneys, blood

 Base of spine,

 Legs,

 Bones and bone marrow,

 Feet,

 Rectum,

 Immune System

Other Correspondences

 Dragons and snakes.

 Kundalini energy at the base of the spine, which is often represented as a coiled serpent of fire. This rises as we work through our path to enlightenment and as each Chakra is activated with Kundalini we become more alive and at one with the divine consciousness. Kundalini Yoga is a widespread practice throughout the world

 Colour – Red

 Sound / Mantra – Lam

 Music – drumming

 Sense – Smell

 Element – Earth

 Metal – Lead

 Spiritual activities – notice the beauty and perfection of the natural world.


 Garnet

 Ruby

 Agate

 Onyx

 Hematite

 Red Jasper

 Dalmatian Jasper

 Black Tourmaline

 Smoky Quartz

 Sardonyx

 Obsidian

 Tigers Eye

 Bloodstone

 Red Coral.

Eseential Oils

 Patchouli

 Cedarwood

 Sandalwood

 Spikenard

 Myhrr

 Cinnamon

 Vetiver


 Nettle

 oat straw

 tulsi (make into a tea with lemon and honey)

 American ginseng

 ashwagandha

 Rhodiola

 reishi

 Chaga mushrooms

 schizandra berry

 Horseradish

 Burdock

 Astragalus

 Dandelion

 Paprika

 Sage

 Cloves

 Cayenne

 Chives

 Rosemary

 Cabbage, but especially red cabbage

 Elderberry and valerian are sometimes helpful


 Red roots inc Beets and Raddishes,

 any root vegetables including onions, carrots, ginger, parsnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic

 tumeric

Yoga Poses

 Downard facing dog

 child’s pose warrior pose

 tree pose.


Physical activity such as Hatha yoga (or any with emphasis on Asana) and Tai Chi is helpful. Try massage, or other ways to reconnect with your body. There are many grounding techniques including time in nature, bear foot on the earth and place your back against a solid old tree. Look at healing needed around early childhood relationships especially with your mother. Look at past life regression.

Grounding exercise: Place your feet firmly on the floor, imagine roots growing from the base of your spine, down through your hips and legs and out into the earth, they grow deep like the roots of a tree. At the same time imagine your life force projecting from your heart and travelling up through your body and head and out of your crown chakra, and up through your raised arms like the branches of tree, connecting you to the Aether, divine consciousness that connects us all.


 I am safe

 The earth supports me and meets my needs

 I love my body and trust it’s wisdom

 I am open to receive abundance and prosperity

 I am here and I am authentically me

 I trust my Higher Self will guide me and fulfill all my needs

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