SACRAL CHAKRA (Svadhisthana)

Located about 2 inches below the navel. This Chakra rules our sense of self, emotions, sexuality and creativity.

Passion and enthusiasm are key here, a joy for life. Being authentically you. Soulfire and Sexuality and abundance.

The essence of this chakra is self worth, it controls our appetites for food, sex and pleasure. It is related to our physical well being.



The Emperor / Empress: A person who enjoys and respects the physical world. They love abundance and a high degree of pleasure. They know they deserve to feel good about life and enjoy good food, comfort and some luxury.


The Martyr: Self sabbotaging, they deprive themselves of lifeKs pleasures. This person is often full of guilt which they project onto others.


Passionate, Enthusiastic and creative. Feeling of joy about life and knowing your place in the world. Knowing that you deserve pleasure in life. Healthy creative expression, balanced hormones, ability to experience pleasure, generous and giving, nurturing to self, healthy boundaries. Positive attitudes to sensuality and sexuality.

Out of Balance:

Blockage Symptoms

Unemotional, guarded, Self-deprivation, sexual repression, poor social skills, denial of pleasure, lack of desire / passion.


Excessive sex drive, compulsive behaviours, tension, frustration, overly emotional, hyper-sensitive, emotional dependency.

Physical Symptoms

Disorders of reproductive organs, infertility, urinary system problems, issues with gallbladder, spleen and kidneys, menstrual difficulties, sexual dysfunction, lack of flexibility. Digestive system including the upper intestines, bladder, skin, lower back, and bodily fluids.

Other Correspondences

 Colour: Orange

 Sense: Taste

 Element: water

 Plant: Jasmine

 Metal: Tin

 Musical Note: D

 Planet: Jupiter

 Astrology signs: Cancer & Scorpio

 Angel: Archangel Metatron

 Mantra : Ohm / I Feel


For underactive

 Carnelian

 Tigers Eye

 Ruby

 Citrine

 Orange Calcite

 Fire Opal

For overactive

 Chrysocolla

 Jade

 Clear Quartz

Essential Oils

 Black pepper

 Cardamom

 Cinnamon

 Cypress

 Tangerine

 Orange

 Jasmine

 Neroli

 Orange Blossom


 Jasmine


 Yoga

 Dance

 Swimming

 Walking


Celibacy, fasting and meditation help with healing and balancing this chakra, also ensure you fuel your body well, use homeopathic medicines and healing not allopathic drugs with which overload the body with chemicals. A healthy balance of exercise and rest are important. Remember the biggest single influence on the sacral chakra is pleasure so strap away from the grindstone and do something you love.

Try this meditation. Imagine a pyramid which sits in your lower abdomen and the 4 sides represent well-being, self worth, pleasure and abundance. Imagine building the walls and strengthening the structure so your chakra is protected on all counts and can flourish and flow with ease.


‘I am authentically creating a life free of stress and full of bliss’

‘I love my life’

‘In honour my body and treat myself respectfully’

‘I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath’

‘Goodness, beauty and joy resonate within my soul. I am at one with them’

‘Healing happens each time I rest, relax and enjoy myself’

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