Sacral Chakra Balancing

Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus / Manipura Chakra is positioned at the base of the ribs / above the navel.


NEGATIVE [perception] = The Servant

The Servant is a slave to society’s perceptions and is not free. Listening to the opinions and ideals of others and taking them on as her own, trying to understand her value in the world. An authentic life, wasted in slavetude. to other people’s opinions and ideas and digests them as her truth.

POSITIVE [Truth] = The Warrior

The Warrior defends her Truth. Lives her authentic life, and accepts herself for all she is, choosing freedoms from the ideals of others. She is vigilant, watchful and aware.


Comfortable in your own skin, Inner Peace, Confidence without arrogance, Calm Demeanour, Patient and Flexible.

Out of balance:


Low Self Esteem, Arrogance, Feeling abandoned / rejected, Nervous, Difficulty understanding or controlling emotions, lack of self confidence, inflexible attitude.


Rebellious, Too eager to please, Stressed out, Addictive behaviour, Hyperactivity.

Physical symptoms

Digestion, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Small Intestine, Liver, Metabolism. i.e. all things detoxification / digestion / weight related! Eating disorders and food intolerance.

Now bear in mind, most illnesses start in the gut, so this chakra is ultimately very important when trying to combat illness and in particular those of a chronic nature!

Other correspondences

 Colour: Yellow

 Element: Fire


 Amber

 Citrine

 Golden Topaz

 Sunstone

 Yellow Calcite

 Yellow Tigers Eye

 Labradorite

 Hematite

Essential Oils

 Cinnamon

 Juniper

 Lemon

 Spearmint

 Peppermint

 Black Pepper

 Cedarwood

 Marjoram

 Cardamon

 Grapefruit

 Vetiver

 Clove

 Cypress

 Geranium

 Ginger

 Helichrysum

 Lemongrass

 Petitgrain

 Rosemary

 Sandalwood

 Ylang Ylang


 milk thistle,

 ginger,

 turmeric,

 dandelion,

 lemon balm,

 calendula,

 chamomile, and

 helichrysum.


 Plank

 Warrior III

 Bow pose

 Corpse pose

 Childs pose

Healing & Balancing

For Solar Plexus blockages I would suggest carrying out a detox programme for example the 30 day cleanse by DoTerra! Then lying with Citrine or Labradorite on your solar plexus area for 10 mins morning and evening.

You can apply some of an appropriate essential oil (or a blend for that chakra – shout if you want some info) to your solar plexus area in the morning. Remembering to rub it in anti clockwise first, then clockwise. This will set you up for each day ahead.


A helpful tool is to use affirmations each morning. for example:

‘II speak my truth’

Watch my FB Live Solar Plexus Chakra

I hope you found this useful. If you did get value then please like, share, comment.

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