Heart Chakra Balancing


The heart chakra is located in the area of the heart. There are also minor linked chakras in the palms of your hands.


NEGATIVE [perception] = The Actor

The Actor, a conditional lover who doesn’t know or understand unconditional love, yet may talk about it, yet may act like it.

POSITIVE [Truth] = The Lover [also known as the doorway to the revelation of the Authentic]

The Lover is open, loving, generous. The heart is also known as the “approval chakra”. The lover follows her heart and is led by the Spirit which is constantly speaking through it. She goes within to find what she seeks.


Unconditional Love for Self and Others, Compassion, Emotional Balance, Ability to give and receive love, Acceptance of Self and Others

Giving, Compassionate, Able to give / receive love, Joyful, Content.

Out of Balance:


Unable to give / receive love, Selfish, Grief Stricken, Excessive Loneliness, Depression.


Jealous, Hateful, Oversensitive.

Physical Correspondences

Breathing difficulties, Food intolerances, Allegergies, Heart Palpitations.

Heart, Thymus gland, Liver, Lungs, Breasts, Arms, Circulatory System, Hands, Upper Back, Skin, Varicose Veins, Immune Disorders, Allergies, Rashes, Lupus, Acne.

Other Correspondences

Colour: Pink / Green

Element: Air / Astral Plane

Symbol: 12 Petal Lotus


 Jade

 Rose Quartz

 Unakite

 Chrysocolla

 Emerald

 Green Aventurine

 Chrysoprase

 Green Fluorite

 Kunzite

 Malachite

 Morganite

 Moss Agate

 Peridot

 Pink Calcite

 Pink Tourmaline

 Rhodochrosite

 Watermelon Tourmaline

Essential Oils

 Rose

 Geranium

 Bergamot

 Ylang Ylang

 Mandarin

 Jasmine

 Lavender

 Cypress

 Lemon

 Melissa

 Neroli

 Orange

 Sandalwood

 Tangerine

Healing & Balancing

For blockages / imbalance I would suggest having Rose Quartz close to the heart, as this is the stone of unconditional love. If you need particularly gentle healing then Unakite is the crystal for you. Also you can use a worry stone, see what you are drawn to from your collection or the shop you go into.

You can apply some of an appropriate essential oil (or a blend for that chakra – shout if you want some info) to your heart area in the morning. Remembering to rub it in anti clockwise first, then clockwise. This will set you up for each day ahead. A really good tip is to use one of the associated oils on your heart and third eye chakra for a way to help the energy flow but also for protection in matters of the heart and to link your heart and intuition. My favourite for this purpose is Melissa!

Remember, the heart chakra is one of the most likely to become imbalanced at various times in our lives… bearing in mind the emotional rollercoaster that plays out in most peoples lives. Loss of a loved one / friend, heartbreak, puberty, friendship and fall outs, illness of people / pets we love, guilt about not hitting the right work life balance… the list goes on!


A helpful tool is to use affirmations each morning. for example:

‘I give and receive love easily’

‘I am love, I let love in’

‘I am kind to myself’

Watch my FB Live Heart Chakra

I hope you found this useful. If you did get value then please like, share, comment.

Drop me a message / give me a call if you would like to book a treatment or learn more about the power of Essential Oils!

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