Throat Chakra Balancing


The throat chakra is in the middle of the throat, near the Adams Apple. It corresponds with the colour Blue, and the element of Ether / Sound!

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Negative: The Stifled Child

Full of stifled emotions and unable to effectively communicate. They feel it isn’t safe to express yourself and so will also act out against others who do so.

Positive: The Communicator

Outspoken, truthful and trusting. They feel able to express their current perspective or experience and then let go of it and move to the next moment!

In Balance

Effective communication skills, Expressive, Good Listener, Patient, Honest, Receptive to constructive criticism.

Out of Balance

Poor communication skills, afraid to speak up, repressed feelings, uncontrolled verbal outbursts, deceitful, manipulative, shy or talking excessively, unable to list, sore throat, swollen glands in neck, mouth ulcers, ear problems.

Physical Correspondences

Throat and speech organs, mouth, neck, shoulder, passages that run up the ears.

Other Correspondences

Communication including listening, self expression, inner voice, willpower, healing with sound, out of body experiences, access to cosmic memory bank.


 Lapis Lazuli

 Angelite

 Apatite

 Aquamarine

 Azurite

 Celestite

 Blue Calcite

 Blue Lace Agate

 Blue Quartz

 Blue Sapphire

 Chrysocolla

 Kyanite

 Sodalite

 Larmiar

 Turquoise

Essential Oils

 Eucalyptus

 Blue Chamomile

 Myrrh

 Cypress

 Basil

 Peppermint

 Rosemary

 Sandalwood

 Bergamot

 Spearmint

Healing and Balancing

I would suggest for throat blockages, to wear a necklace if possible with an appropriate crystal. Also to have a crystal such as Lapis Lazuli in the hand when you are attempting to communicate important information.

You can apply some of an appropriate essential oil (or a blend for that chakra – shout if you want some info) to your throat area in the morning. Remembering to rub it in anti clockwise first, then clockwise. This will set you up for each day ahead.

Always assess before you speak whether it is necessary, helpful, appropriate, and whether you would like to receive that message.


A helpful tool is to use affirmations each morning. for example:

‘II speak my truth’

‘I express myself with confidence and integrity’

I hope you found this useful. If you did get value then please like, share, comment.

Drop me a message / give me a call if you would like to book a treatment or learn more about the power of Essential Oils!

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