Brow Chakra

Third Eye

The third eye chakra is just above the bridge of the nose in the middle of the brow. Historically we were far more attuned to our intuition, which is represented by the third eye. However, over time as our society became more and more technologically advanced the connection was diminished. However, moving into the Aquarian Age there is a heightening of our intuitive nature, and a collective raising of our consciousness in readiness for our transcendence as a planet. Many believe that deities speak to us via our intuition, others that it is our Higher Self, or our spirtual guides (which can take many forms from animals, ancestors, to spiritual beings and those from other planets and star systems). Whatever your core beliefs here it is clear that our gut feeling is more often than not correct.

Many people don’t trust their intuition, they question where it comes from, or don’t like the advice being given because it doesn’t fit with their intellectualized plan, or their desires. However, if we trust our intuition it can be an extremely useful tool to hone and it has your best interests at heart.

When the third eye chakra is open and activated a person is able to embrace their intuition or inner knowing and build on their repertoire of psychic skills.

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NEGATIVE = The Intellectual / Perception

The Intellectual is rational, factual, rigid and never quotes finds the right path in life.

POSITIVE = The Wise Person

A wise person is flexible, as they do not limit their Mind with perceptions which can fade, ideas which are changing like the winds. Instead, they access the wisdom of the universe and follow their intuition. And above all else, a wise person never lets go of their sense of humour!

In Balance

Intuitive, common sense, fast learner, clear memory, sense of spirituality.

Out of Balance:

Non sympathetic / Empathetic, judgemental, over intellectualising, lacking intuition, lacking common sense, forgetful, sleep / dream / nightmare issues, unexplained blurred vision, headaches, migraines, blocked sinuses, earache, insomnia, nightmares.

Physical Correspondences

Eyes, ears, sinuses, left and right hemispheres of brain, central cavity of brain, memory retention, vision.

Spiritual Correspondences

Intuition, Spiritual healing abilities, mediumship, prophetic powers, connects us to our guides, insight, seat of inspiration, common sense, dreams.


 Amethyst

 Blue Quartz

 Charoite

 Kyanite

 Lepidolite

 Purple Fluourite

 Sodalite

 Sugalite

 Moonstone

 Selenite

Essential Oils

 Lavender

 Rosemary

 Juniper

 Lemon

 Pine

 Helichrysum

 Thyme

 Clary Sage

 Cypress

 Frankincense

 Marjoram

 Patchouli

 Sandalwood

 Vetiver

 Spikenard

Balancing & Healing

The first thing that I would suggest for third eye blockages is to meditate on a suitable crystal such as Amethyst. It doesn’t need to be a large piece but a rough piece is useful as you can get lost in its inclusions and flaws. ‘

You can apply some of an appropriate essential oil (or a blend for that chakra – shout if you want some info) to your third eye area before you meditate. Remembering to rub it in anti clockwise first, then clockwise. This will assist you in your meditation.

The key with the third eye is to be open to the experiences you may have when your energy flows well in this area. Sound baths are great for activating your third eye. As is sleeping with Amethyst under the pillow.

You may find that as you free the energy in this area, and activate your third eye you get a pulsating sensation in the area, you may also see white and then purple / indigo light through your third eye. Do not be afraid, this won’t remain there all the time.


An important part of a clear flow through your third eye chakra is your mindset. A helpful tool is to use affirmations each morning. for example:

‘I trust my intuition’

‘I am open to spiritual experiences’

I hope you found this useful. If you did get value then please like, share, comment.

Drop me a message / give me a call if you would like to book a treatment or learn more about the power of Essential Oils!

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