Crown Chakra


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This is at the very top of your head, where the skull bones meet, and extends about 3 finger widths above your head.

It relates to your soul, your higher self, spirituality and wisdom. It also relates to your connection with the source of divinity (whatever you believe that may be!) Bliss, Beauty and Spirituality. Spirituality is not linked to any particular religion and this concept can be perceived via your own core belief system. You are connected to whatever version of divinity or divine consciousness you acknowledge. Even if you are not religious there is scientific data which suggests all living things are linked in some form of collective consciousness.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Wayne Dyer.

Symbol: light violet lotus of a thousand petals, arranged in 20 rows of 50 petals, which contain the 50 letters of the sanksrit alphabet, inside the lotus are the mandalas for the full moon and the sun, which are an integration of female and male energy.


Colour violet or white

Element -Spirit & thought, cosmic energy, aether, divine consciousness

Shape – round skullcap

Plant – Lotus flower

Musical Note – B

Ruling planet – uranus

Tarot Card – The Fool, The Moon, High Priestess, World

Tree of Life Sephiroth – Kether

Hindu Deities – Shiva, Ama-Kala (upward moving shakti), Varuna

Other Panetheon deities – Zeus, Allah, Hut, Enki, Jehova, Inanna, Odin, Mimir, Ennoia

Astrological – Aquarius

Angelic Presence – The Christ Light


Happiness that comes from within, not from outside material sources. People who have truly opened and activated their Crown Chakra describe Bliss, Ecstasy and Rapture, and the key to finding your bliss is meditation. In whatever form best suits you. This can be silent contemplative time, breath works or Pranayama, listening to guided meditations or using brainwaive sound technology (binural beats).

If your crown chakra is balanced you will be experiencing a balanced spiritual life, you will have a sense of purpose about your life, and you will feel connected with your higher self and the universe (or source of divinity). You will also likely display character traits of wisdom and be insightful. Faith in the divine and your inner guidance, insight into healing and devotion. Ability to release attachment in order to transcend earthbound limits. Magnetic personality. Forgives easily in the knowledge that this physical world is an illusion or physical experience of our spiritual self.

Unbalanced / Blocked

You will not feel spiritual, and may feel unbalanced. You may feel unclear about your life purpose and feel alone, unloved or angry. You may also have an excessive fear of death.

On a physical level you may suffer from migraines, headaches, have a poor immune system, be forgetful and suffer frequent minor accidents.sensitivity to pollution, chronic exhaustion, epilepsy, alzheimers, The need to know why things happen as they do, which causes you to live in the past.

Excessive : Bi-Polar, confused sexual expression, frustration.

Deficient: constantly exhausted, unable to make decisions, no sense of belonging.

Physical Correspondence

Pineal Gland (which regulates sleep, happiness and tranquility)& Pituitary, Upper Skull, Cerebral cortex, Skin

Associated with a nerve plexus or spinal ganglia.

Other Correspondences

Understanding, Inner Divinity, to know and to learn, spirituality and selflessness


 Clear Quartz,

 Diamond,

 Herkimer Diamond,

 Amethyst,

 White Jade,

 White tourmaline,

 Snow Quartz,

 Moonstone,

 Selenite,

 Phantom / Tourmalinated Quartz, Moldavite,

Essential Oils

 Frankincense,

 Rose,

 Jasmine,

 Neroli,

 Cedarwood,

 Helichrysum,

 Myrhh,

 Sandalwood,

 Spikenard,

 Cypress,

 Juniper,

 Wintergreen

Healing and Balancing

So what do you do if you have a blocked or unbalanced Crown Chakra?

My first piece of advice is to stop, find some quiet time, and really assess what the root cause of such a problem might be. It will be far more useful if you can clear the blockage, deal with the root cause, and then just work on maintaining the free movement of your energy centres rather than continually fighting to unblock and balance your energy over and over if the underlying problem isn’t fixed.

Then you can use a crystal of the appropriate type for that chakra, here the Crown, so above the head. Rotate it anticlockwise initially to release any blockages, and then clockwise to energize the relevant chakra. You can also lie for around 10 – 15 minutes with the appropriate

you can also use Essential Oils to great effect in balancing and unblocking chakras. Simply apply a small amount of the appropriate oil to the chakra area.

Reiki treatment will also work very well to balance out all of your chakras and get your energy flowing in no time at all.

Sound healing, inclduing sound baths, and the use of mantra, singing or binural beats will all impact on the chakras as sound is of itself a frequency which can be altered to match that of the chakra in question.

Light / Colour therapy, including simply wearing the colour associated with the chakra all the way through to a full light / colour therapy session where you will be subjected to lights of various colours pointed at the chakra centres.

As this chakra is about your connection to the universe or divinity or the source then create an altar or sacred space for meditation with items that correspond to this chakra. In meditation imagine a violet white light pouring in through your crown chakra, flowing down through your body and out of your feet, it then comes up and around creating a bubble of light around you. Rest your awareness on your breath, now imagine that with every exhalation that the bubble expands first to the size of your room, then your house , your town, your country and finally the entire earth. Imagine everything in the bubble is protected from any negativity and that everything is connected by one universal consciousness. Feel that level of connection to other people (it really does exist if you try hard enough) and then carry that feeling with you throughout your day. I am nothing and I am everything. I am you and You are me. If you act without compassion to others then you are doing so to yourself. If you act with love and compassion then you are helping to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness and it will have a positive effect on the world.

Why do these things work?

Each Essential Oil, Crystal, sound and colour have their own vibrational frequency. So does the human body, and in particular each Chakra has it’s own frequency. This frequency is lowered when the Chakra is blocked / unbalanced, and it can be positively affected by using crystals and oils with the right frequency to match. Reiki in much the same way is an alteration of the energy in and around the body by channeling energy of a much higher vibrational frequency.

These methods can effectively be used alone or in unison, and will have a hugely beneficial impact on a person when used together.


I am an incarnation of the divine

I am a divine spiritual being having a physical experience

I am at one with the source

I am freedom

I am bliss and I am connected to it

I am that I am and I glory in it.

I hope you found this useful. If you did get value then please like, share, comment.

Drop me a message / give me a call if you would like to book a treatment or learn more about the power of Essential Oils

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