Combining transformational Reiki healing techniques and the Power of doTerra Essential Oils — Bev’s subtle magic will allow you to find balance and strive to create a life you love and deserve. 

Growing up on the outskirts of Manchester soon taught me  the lessons of life, which meant in order to survive I had to become independent and to thrive I had to become street smart. I knew from an early age I was different, and was told at the tender age of 12 that I was destined to become a healer. I tried to hide my ‘uniqueness’ and be a ‘normal’ person growing up, although I doubt in hindsight it worked particuarly well.

What did happen was that I decided I had to become a ‘real professional’, headed to college, and university to study law and became a successful solicitor and I lived off the fast paced energy of the legal profession, and the stress that lawyers call normal. No matter how successful I was iI always heard the whisper of my soul calling and felt the constant longing for adventure and exploration of more, somewhere, somehow, someplace…

But everything has its purpose, even if hidden at the time, the demanding lifestyle of a Lawyer gave me the courage, strength and drive to study hard, work  hard and play harder. Lawyer by day, Equestrian by night… I wanted it all.  A happy marriage and 2 kids, mostly raised by the grandparents because I was busy working, and I thought I had it all.  But there has always been a longing to return to my true authentic self, as though I was missing ‘me’!

In my time I have always been drawn to spending time with animals and have studied equine science, owned my own dogs, bunnies, reptiles & horses throughout being an adult, dabbled in Showing & Dressage, and hacked a lot! Run a dog walking and pet care company, received Canine First Aid Certification. I am an animal communicator and happily practice all my therapies on horses and pets, because our companions deserve the utmost care for their physical and mental needs. 

I spent 18 years working as a lawyer and as a manager, supporting others to achieve their career goals. In 2013 after the loss of both my mother and father in a short space of time, and suffering some physical health challenges of my own, I could ignore the calling of my soul no longer.  I spent more and more time immersed in learning and practising skills in Reiki and Aromatherapy.  

In 2016, call it clichéd or instinct; I quit my job and started my new business in Reiki healing, AromaTouch Technique and working with doTerra oils.

More recently due to my health issues (an autoimmune disease and arthrities) I started to practice yoga, meditation and to study world cultures and mysticism. This is where my true spiritual journey and ascension really started to kick in. I became aware, deeply and intuitively, that my true purpose is to help others find a way to live the life they deserve in this modern stress fueled world. To help people on their road to true wellbeing and balance in mind, body & soul.


“I pair practical coaching tools with energy work and aromatherapy to help people unlock the answer to their wellbeing. Together we identify the three main areas in need of support, and shine a light on a new way forward by fusing together practical and energetic ways to create a sense of wellbeing”

I love to see the healing start, and watch clients develop a sense of wellbeing,and start to live a soul centred life, in todays manic world. This is my true calling and life-purpose.

Knowing this is what I am meant to do in this life means that I never stop learning so that I can be of the greatest good to my clients, and lets face it this also helps me on my path of evoloution and spirtual enlightenment.

The corporate landscape of today and the manic society to which so many of us are bonded, is not conducive to our spiritual well being but there are ways that we can overcome the negatives and maintain balance of our mind, body and soul. Plus it will probably make you more productive in your work anyway. Win Win!

~ Bev Stait

Bev Stait is known as an Intelligent Woman / A Courageous Woman / A Loving and Healing Woman .

She has navigated the twists and turns of life, lived through grief and pain and heartbreak, lost herself and found herself more times than she can remember.

Bev is the woman who knows.

You will find her in the woods doing yoga meditation, connecting directly with nature and the divine, and moon-gazing in between reading books on almost every metaphysical and witchy topic known to man. Her Wellbeing is fueled and fused by calm mind, acceptance of life’s challenges, using wonderful essential oils, and embracing the spirtual and natural world around. Teaching others and giving back the knowledge she knows first hand by living an abundant, balanced life.

And so here she is, making the world a better place, one life at a time.

It is time to be empowered to take control of your own wellbeing! Contact Soul Stait Healing to get started on your journey today.